Stimulating conversations in people with dementia

As dementia influences the ability to communicate, it is understandable that family members or friends find it difficult to initiate a meaningful conversation with their loved one with dementia. They sometimes do not know how to start a conversation. In order to contribute to solve this problem, we want to explore a novel, creative and innovative way of stimulating conversations for people with dementia. One method to stimulate conversations with people with dementia can be done by reminiscing about past memories. In dementia care, reminiscence therapy is often used. The recollection of memories can be stimulated by personalized memory prompts, such as photos, movies or music, as studies on reminiscence have shown (Subramaniam & Woods, 2012).

The case holder of this case is dr. Khiet Truong, assistant professor at the University of Twente department of Human Media Interaction and Ms Deniece Nazareth. The question for you as a researcher is: How can we use technology in new ways to stimulate conversations if possible, thereby helping the people that feel at a loss on how to engage their loved ones in a conversation?


Fillip Residency

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