Inclusiveness district

Close to the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem is a rough gem: the former Coberco factory. It requires little imagination to see the enormous potential of this industrial heritage. This place therefore deserves to be opened up, so that the citizens of Arnhem can discover and use it. The milk factory has everything to become the new hotspot of Arnhem. A place where you can live, work, shop, eat and drink.

The question for this case comes from BPD, project developer for the area: Design an intervention to ensure that different groups of people live together in a pleasant way. For you, as a researcher, the question is what ‘inclusiveness’ actually means? And how do you flesh out inclusiveness by physical changes in the public space with regard to the development of the Coberco district?


Fillip Residency

During the Fillip Residencies you will work with an artist or scientist on a case for about two days a week for three months. You will join in-depth master classes from different teachers, you will learn how to pitch your idea and will get support in interdisciplinary collaborations. At the end of the residency period your will present your ideas to the case holder.

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