User Generated Scripture

User Generated Scripture is a collaboration project with Hackers&Designers, exploring the meaning of religion in an ever-evolving technological society.

The installation invites users to talk with a chatbot, by sharing and submitting ones ethical values. The content is saved on a USB stick, that can be plugged into another part of the installation in which it is submitted to a ‘user-generated scripture’.

Religion is a systematical approach to mankind’s ethical values, tailored to a group of people who share their beliefs. In a traditional religious environment, one can take part in the group and contribute to the shared values. With the help of today’s technology, we wanted to create a script on which all contributors have equal influence. Ultimately, the installation would contribute to the development of a new, bottom-up, crowdsourced religion.

The project is the result of a two-week artist in residency program called Oddstay, kindly sponsored by Oddstream Nijmegen. The residency functioned as a pressure cooker, during which a rapid prototype was made and a workshop on hacking chatbots came to life. A further developed version of the installation was presented during Oddstream Festival at the Eusebius Church in Arnhem.

Credits: Masha Bakker




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