Bio Orchestra

Bio Orchestra is a collaboration project with the department Plant Physiology of Wageningen University, exploring the capabilities of plants to make music. Based on the knowledge and methods of Wageningen University, Tom Kortbeek is developing a plant orchestra by translating growth data into sound. This interdisciplinary research has been conducted for most of 2017, in which the applicabilities of both art and science have been tested throughout the proces. The scientific component in the arts allows Kortbeek to work towards an actual concert with plants, that will be executed in 2019.

The composition is based on the inner world of plants: the hormonal balance that is being monitored by Wageningen University. By using this data and translating it into music, Kortbeek aspires to communicate the feeling of the plant world, instead of measuring or describing it. Bio Orchestra was on exhibition in October and November 2018 at the University Campus in Wageningen.

credits: Michelle Giebing


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