At Fillip Studios we believe in the power of interdisciplinary thinking: the future is connected.

We live in a time of “wicked problems”, complex problems that cannot be solved by one discipline, but require an interdisciplinary approach. That is why we use the Fillip Residency program to encourage collaboration between artists and scientists in order to arrive at new solutions to current issues.

In the Fillip Rescidency we therefore work from interdisciplinary teams consisting of artists and scientists on different cases for a period of three months. Think, for example, about questions on the future of robotics, or questions around how to reduce loneliness in a city, or about improving ecological systems in a residential area. The cases are presented by clients such as universities, companies or government institutions. The teams receive during the residency in-depth master classes from different teachers, and guidance in interdisciplinary collaboration.

We are currently working hard to set up the Residency program and a new Residency program will start in October 2019. More information coming soon. 

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