Serendipity 1.0

Serendipity: By chance discovering something you were not looking for. Which factors are
important for finding serendipity? Expect an evening full of the unexpected!

Finding serendipity

Amazement and wonder usually reside in the unexpected. That’s why we keep challenging ourselves to experiment, transform and iterate. To accommodate our latest transformation we are transitioning away from KunstLAB & Studio Roos Meerman towards a new identity called Fillip Studios. Before we show you what Fillip Studios has in store for the world, we want to kick off our transformation by celebrating the process of serendipity and wonder during this first meetup of Fillip Studios!

During this meetup we will explore the logic and structures of serendipity by looking back on some recent projects of Fillip Studios and with experts in this field. The meetup will last for two hours, and is dedicated in particular to the process of serendipity and wonder in science and art.

Serendipity is a valuable constituent of professional work. In order to control the phenomenon it is important to gain insight in its processes and influencing factors. But how do you find something that can only be found if you are not looking for it? By chance discovering something you were not looking for: which factors are important for serendipity? What role
does serendipity play in music? What happens when musicians can choose at any time whether and how they use the compositions? Which role does serendipity have in maths, and algorithms and software development? And what is ‘dancing mathematics’?

During this meetup we will create a context and discuss issues regarding the role, triggers and process of serendipity in the arts, science and technology. Expect an evening full of the unexpected, of course while enjoying drinks, snacks and music! What’s not to like!

We invited:

Michiel Braam is a pianist, composer and band leader. Michiel studied at the ArtEZ  Conservatory, where he is currently also head of the Jazz & Pop department. In 1986 he founded two bands: Bik Bent Braam and Bentje Braam. Michiel is one of the most productive and adventurous band leaders of the Dutch jazz scene. Braam is always looking for musical freedom. He combines virtuosity with a playful urge for the unpredictable. Together with Iwan Wopereis, he founded the project: Seeking Serendipity: The art of finding the unsought in professional music.

Drs. Iwan Wopereis, senior lecturer at the Open Universiteit. Iwan is specialized in instructional design for complex learning; creativity; higher order skills learning and information problem solving. Together with Michiel Braam he founded the project: Seeking serendipity: The art of finding the unsought in professional music. Bas van der Linden is senior lecturer at the Technical University of Eindhoven and has a long experience in bridging the gap between academic discovery and industrial application, translating the technological promise to real world implementation. As a CTO at LIME, Bas van der Linden is responsible for the presentation and broadening of mathematical and physical knowledge by setting up an investigation into the right talent. Sioux LIME is a mathematical engineering company that focuses on the industry.


19:00 Doors open
19:30 Introduction Fillip Studios By Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek
19:45 Why we need serendipity in education by Linda van der Knaap
20:00 Bas van der Linden on serendipity in maths
20:45 Break with music, snacks and drinks. Find your serendipity in our lab
21:15 Michiel Braam and Iwan Wopereis on serendipity in music
22:00 Drinks, talks and music


Coehoornstraat 17 Arnhem

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