Fillip Meetup #2 Wonder as a tool

Wonderment holds a promise, it nurtures our ‘need to know’. But how can you utilize this wonderment as a tool for engagement with science and art? How do you use wonderment and channel it into your projects and plans? In this second meetup of Fillip Studios we will explore on how a sense of wonder can be your greatest scientific tool, and how you can give context to wonderment.

Free entrance
Doors open at 19:30
Start program at 20:00 sharp


Sabrina Sauer, media and technology theorist from the University of Groningen will talk about the role of serendipity in science and media technology design processes, guided by the question how we can research serendipitous insights and experiences. She will furthermore talk about collective improvisation as a tool of wonder.

Jasper le Clercq, jazz violinist and teacher at the ArtEZ Conservatory will put serendipity into practice by challenging the audience to organize all coincidence …? You can only find out how that works.

Theatre-maker and educator Linda van der Knaap of Fillip Education on the importance of wonderment in education.

Philosopher Sabine Winters on the potential of wonderment in interdisciplinary projects on Art and Science.

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